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Steelers vs Wolverines 
The Steelers get their first win of the 2019 season on the road in a league game against the Wolverines.  The game was an exciting scrap between the two OOFL teams. The Steelers run game got going early and ofter with a three headed monster in Daniel Wilson, Keith Foreman and the young rookie Xavier May. DB Brian Athey stepped in at QB for Tood Osbourne this week and provided the leadership needed to pull off a victory. Athey made key completion and picked up critical first downs with his feet when called upon to make plays. The defense was pretty stout and the make shift secondary gave up two touchdowns in the secound half but played solid enough for 4 Quarters to keep the Wolverines off the scored board.  Xavier May's interception late in the 4th and the ground and pound run game sealed the deal. The Steelers looked good in their 14-12 win and hopefully this is the spark the needed to go on a run.
Player Meeting 3/30/19
The Virginia Steelers will be hosting their 8th annual player interest meeting at the Reston Community Center in Hunters Woods shopping center on March 30th at 1:30 pm, Room 1.  We are looking for players at every position and need to add depth to the roster. All information on the upcoming 2019 season will be covered during the meeting. There will be a short Q&A at the end of the meeting to answer any questions you may have.  The Reston Community Center is located at 2310 Colts Neck Road, Reston VA, 20191
2019 Combine Southlakes HS
The Steelers picked up standout running back Daniel Wilson this season at the 2019 combine.  Daniel impressed the Steeler Staff with his speed and movement through drills. Daniel will join Chris Coats and Ross Simms in their deep stable of running-backs.  

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One problem that we believe negatively impacts the success of minor league football is organizations don't fulfill their commitment to players and players don’t fulfill their commitment to their organizations; this hurt’s the image and integrity of teams and the league as a whole. There are only two requirements that you must fulfill if you want to be part of the Steelers Organization.  First, you must pay your registration fee in full.  Many players are under the impression that Minor league teams are making an excess of profits but the reality is many teams operate at a loss and find other means of financing their teams to prevent them from folding during the season.  Your dues are solely used for the purpose of paying for uniforms, league membership fees, fields and officials.  The way our organization generates profits is through fundraising, donations and game revenue.  Secondly, you are also expected to attend practices and film sessions, which combine for two nights a week (Tuesday and Thursday) however, we do understand that most players have families and jobs and we are willing to work around personal conflicts as long as you have a legitimate reason for missing one or the other.  In return, the Steelers organization will provide you with playing time during games, a reference to advance your career and access to our contacts.  If you cannot live up to these expectations you will not be allowed to compete during games.  We believe that if players are permitted to compete during games that have not fulfilled their obligations to the team it will negatively impact the integrity of our organization.  If you are interested in becoming a Virginia Steeler please submit your player application.

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